PRO-GRADE instrument cable connects your guitar or other instrument to an amplifier or mixing console with a 1/4 inch TS port STRAIGHT TO STRAIGHT INSTRUMENT CABLE with a flexible cable jacket resists kinking and lays flat for an easy installation; Rugged metal connectors of this durable guitar amp cord feature gold-plated tips and an easy-grip housing for superior signal transmission SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION combines double foil and braid shielding to protect against EMI electromagnetic noise, heavy-gauge 20 AWG oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors to deliver pristine sound and polyethylene insulation to improve the high frequency response COST-EFFECTIVE 2-PACK of 1/4 inch mixer audio guitar cables connects two instruments to a mixer or provides a spare guitar cable to take along to a performance gig with your guitar accessories MUSICAL INSTRUMENT compatible with musical equipment such as a guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboard, ukulele, or pedal board

Guitar Chord 10ft (2 Pack)