Part of the ELX series, the Electro-Voice ELX200-10 passive PA speaker is designed to deliver an unprecedented combination of sound quality, portability and durability at its price point. All-new custom components -- tested to levels far exceeding the industry norm -- make ELX200 a robust workhorse capable of handling real-world abuse and professional applications beyond the capability of competitors' products in its category.

Every aspect of ELX200 is designed for ideal results as part of the whole -- the acoustical, electrical and mechanical components all work together seamlessly. The full-range models feature a low profile form factor designed with a high-spec composite enclosure to balance weight, manageability, as well as structural integrity. The proprietary features that have made the other members of the EV portable speaker family a goto for best-in-class performance are also present: Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide concept.

EV's industry-leading quality and testing procedures yield efficient transducer design and meaningful specs, resulting in components that deliver accurate, linear response at the system's highest output levels. Translation: loud and clear all the way up to the limit. Unified in one of the strongest full-range composite enclosures ever built by EV. The ELX200 is established as the new benchmark for toughness -- both acoustically and physically; maximum efficiency with maximum toughness.


- 1200 W (Peak), 127 dB peak SPL system that is reliability verified with over 500 hours of abuse testing and endurance testing to 4x typical industry practices.
- 1.4 inch DH-1C (1 inch exit) titanium compression driver for extended transparent high-frequency response.
- High-output EVS-10M woofer designed to exacting specifications for superior durability and exceptional low-frequency reproduction.
- EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design provides precise and consistent coverage, minimal distortion, and maximized acoustical loading.
- Professional-grade hardware: three M10 threaded mounting points for forged eyebolts, integrated pole-mounts and the proven ZLX two-handle design for easy lifting.

Electro-Voice ELX200-10 Passive Speaker, 1x10", Black, Single Speaker (ONE DAY)

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